dedicated to Gen Z : "Cloud Pen" Cloud Computing & Security 1 key = since 1980 coeurs net

'Cloud Pen' Cloud Computing & Security 1 key

inspire :

my unix depth


"Cloud Pen" Project : or how to understand new computers (+stability)

2012-09-27T02:23Z : Future+Cloud+Computing+diagram.png 90% Franck Dutouron 10% AishaJackson lj

This draw whas dedicated to the Z generation
the web becomes a resource (crude)

Skills : www white list : For Children

Can be for the "Cloud Pen" white list of url's managed by social approval.

I am looking for investors


Children link += url add

*sample popup menu on URL selector locked by unique account
onto pen cloud browser locking reality on her virtual :
0-16-99+ years old.

1/¹² works Is name "Cloud Pen" :

Engine on servers to render
Scalable Vector Pages tuneled by graphic framing locally by an CGPU :
(method to render webapps)

- five tcp/ip ports dedicated and others locked @sources : entries making :
port 1° to Draw x,y +
port 2° to Coordinates +
port 3° keyinput +
port 4° data pipeline as raw +
port 5° keysum of raw packets.

- Server! next = 1 click 1 frame to be cgfx frames.

- Representatively constraint into adressable MMU.

- Datatypes Binaries, files, streams activity over side to use as plugin !

- i/o logical as layer.library activity on the render view managed by cgpu

2/¹² -

A flake of the iceberg Mini-tel V2
readable @temporis

call 1
message 1
message 2
e-mail 1
call 2
call 3
message 3
e-mail 2
e-mail 3

3/¹² -

Another TODO: right clic pop menu "Store File into Cloud" for now you can just place yours cloud file into your windows Document directory

E.X.I.F. Datatypes ID File identifier

Up's to folder "Européan Sorting" Categorized ? When Europ constructed Go macron !@!

Sort ur files
- NEW sources and web site can be sold -

4/¹² -

Online WhiteBoard
sample web app
Cordova devel i'm, phone me to deploy your "Startup".

5/¹² - réparation informatiques

A Bug repair (~15 minutes)

- or no feeds -
- Bugs repair -
- YES Bugs Repair -

6/¹² -

7/¹² - www.CuriculumVitae.FranckDutouron

8/¹² -

I'm alone one day tells me you have to do it!
Static or Dynamic in all the thrills!

9/¹² - Send offers for this domains (w/o contents) :
http://cœ 2850€ H.T. -

*** ***

sur archives

sur archives

sur archives

10/¹² - 2d engine with xaml c#, call me for collaborative or more :

C# Code Generating random's maps !
png image loader to go direct paint without difficulties, thx Grand ma for the time !
(initial code from Amiga 'C' OS Friendly)

11/¹² - Oldies But Goodies :

'Cloud Pen' Cloud Computing & Security 1 key
'Cloud Pen' Cloud Computing & Security 1 key


'Cloud Pen' Cloud Computing & Security 1 key

'Cloud Pen' Cloud Computing & Security 1 key



proven how time in peace the false "iso" logo! starting 28/12/2018

here no intox! no pictures for my fake customers !
you understand the shit of the web (hackables certificate cut and paste) !
vaporware fucker here...

iso label

12/¹² - Wolf phone paint a line to do :

bios - 5g reciever - fill memory adress to pin the adress of actual frame to display from rom system images.

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